Employee Spotlight – Alora Pratt

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August 15, 2019
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July 20, 2021

Employee Spotlight – Alora Pratt

Alora Pratt joined RT Process as a chemist in her junior year of the Wilmington College Chemistry Program. She has made numerous important contributions to the company development programs during her employment. Her careful laboratory work and precise documentation support the scale up of several commercial efforts which have now move to the commercial scale at RT Process.

During her final years as an undergraduate student, Alora held down teaching assistant assignments, research program assignments, a double technical major, and her chemist position at RT Process. All while navigating the difficulties of the pandemic and associated delays.

Alora is from the local area and appreciates the fact that there are best in class opportunities for her research, work, and education here is Southwest Ohio. Despite her demanding schedule, when she does have some time off, she enjoys doing personal research and watching science videos to help broaden her knowledge of the world. She also enjoys reading about Greek mythology.

Alora is now transitioning to an exciting next step in her professional development by starting the graduate program in Chemistry at the University of Cincinnati. We look forward to seeing her achieve and surpass her goals in both personal and professional endeavors.