Impregnation and Blending

Our team will work with you to develop a solid foundation for your impregnation or blending process.

We will work with your to optimize the solute concentrations, addition times, and blend ratios. In many cases the incipient wetness point for a system may be known through lab work. In proactice, various process factors such as addition rate and droplet size may also impact the final deposition onto a support. This step can be difficult upon scale-up owing to the fact that it cannot be duplicated in the laboratory. In many cases several well thought out trials must be carried out to develop the optimized conditions for a particular set of materials.

We are able to run various conditions for this important step followed by laboratory completion of the process in order to isolate this step and evaluate the finished products. This allows us to generate samples which can be evaluated by the customer for the best efficacy and lock in the optimum conditions for final product manufacture.