RT Process to merge with Powder Processing and Technology Group

Employee Spotlight – Rob Conrad
July 26, 2021

RT Process to merge with Powder Processing and Technology Group

(Wilmington, Ohio) Today RT Process announces that it will become part of the Powder Processing and Technology Group of companies. The merger brings together similar capabilities of impregnation, drying, and calcining at both companies at a range of industrial scales from pilot to full commercial scale.

The combined group of PPT companies is able to quickly assess and scale up a range of unit operations to meet any need which fits our capability.

About Rapid Tech Process, LLC (RTP) RT Process is a privately held chemical manufacturing company with a focused purpose – to assist clients advance their outsourcing goals and helping chemical industry leaders bring their technologies to life. RTP will quickly assess potential customer projects, design processes –
including formula and process design and preparations, blending, mixing, impregnation and doping, calcining, milling, screening, and drying -, providing a timely, efficient, and safe path for projects which enter RTP’s pipeline of work. RTP’s passion and mission is helping customers efficiently reach their desired outcomes with respect to technology, manufacturing, and profitability.

About Powder Processing & Technology, LLC (PPT Group) The PPT Group of professionals have assisted the top materials technology companies around the world for over 40 years. The group has demonstrated time and again its ability to convert customers bench top experimentation into commercial production that has made PPT Group a reliable partner. They have the capability to produce at the scale you require and with the quality and consistency you expect. Most importantly, you can trust them to handle your intellectual property with discretion. Their warehousing services allow them to stage your materials during production, with complete shipping and storing capabilities.

A complete press release can be found here.